Great places to go and local material suppliers



Great art shop in the centre of Cordoba where I have bought a few art supplies.  I have found if you ask, they will look and often they will find exactly what I am looking for! They have a great selection of fimo clay here including special finish clays.  It is these I have used to create some of the jewellery for the courses.  

Find this Aladdin's cave at

C/Manuel Maria de Arjona n4

14001 Cordoba.


Omundo de Alicia

I love this quirky, musical and arty little hub of a cafe in Plaza de la Trinidad.  14003 Cordoba.   The cafe provides an excellent assortment of drinks (love the vanilla chai) as well as great cakes and a potato tapas I had with my beer today!  Local artists and musicians can show their skills here to an appreciative audience.  To top it off the friendly staff allowed me to leave some promotional leaflets for their customers. 


La Poperia

Just around the corner from the bustle of the busy tourist road from The Mezquita to Plaza de Potro is this small, but always lively wine and tapas bar.  The street is lined with the most amazing smell of orange blossom in April/May making it a wonderful setting for happy customers to spill out into the street .

Calle San Fernando

14003, Cordoba


La Llave

Warm and welcoming, arty and 


Close the deal

Give customers a reason to do business with you.