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Beach Room


This fresh and airy twin bedroom offers a tranquil nights sleep to the rear of the house, overlooking the garden and woodland.  There is a remote controlled ceiling fan to help keep cool in the warmer months and central heating for the cooler months.  An extra air conditioning unit can be provided in the height of Summer if needed.  Ideal room for 2 adults sharing or for part of a family group.  Shared guest only bathroom with bath and shower.  Room rate starts at 50 euros (continental breakfast included - please advise in advance of any special requirements)

Minimum stay 2 nights.

Provincial Room


Another fresh and airy double with single daybed room to the rear of the house with a traditional feel.  Again the room over looks the garden and nearby woodland where you can take an easy daily walk.  

This room again has a remote control ceiling fan with access to an air conditioning unit in hotter months and central heating for cooler months.  Ideal family room for adults and one child (surcharge or 20 euros for a family group of 5 using the whole area).  Can also be a comfortable double room with daybed or a twin room for sharing.  Shared guest only bathroom with bath and shower.  Room rate starts at 50 euros (continental breakfast included - please advise in advance of any special requirements)

Minimum stay 2 nights.


Guest only Sitting Room and Balcony


Unlike many B & B services this home has the added bonus of a guest only sitting room with adjacent guest only balcony.  Tea and coffee facilities are available here and a small fridge.  This allows for private space to spend an evening or take your breakfast on the balcony or, alternatively, at the small dining table. A television and DVD player are available with a selection of films to choose from.  WiFi is available throughout the house.

Guests are welcome to use the rooms and balcony all day but with the wealth of things to do in the area and city, I doubt there will be time!  

See below for tempting information on what you can do during your stay.


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Getaway and Create Minibreaks

Things to do in the area

Getaway and Create Jewellery Courses


You don't need to leave your accommodation and beautiful view to take part in this activity.  At Getaway and Create you can learn some jewellery skills from a trained jeweller with many years experience of making and selling as well as tutoring.

You can leave your weekend break with a new skill and some beautiful, original, self hand-crafted jewellery.  See full details of different workshops here on the website.

Jewellery Making

Aventuras Limite


I can personally attest to the fun to be had with these local adventure activities specialists.  The photo above was taken when I lived my dream of flying!  Aventuras offer paramotor flights over Cordoba and the sights in the nearby countryside for the most exciting tour of the city and its surroundings.  Here are a few videos of the adventure. Cordoba city https://youtu.be/tqIjjEdV5Os , our house below https://youtu.be/9EOMnWMvjHA , Medina Azahara  https://youtu.be/u9BmEqg_6Do

As a family group we also enjoyed an enviable view of the city and the Roman Bridge from the River Guadalquivir while on a rowing trip.  Many more of their adventures are on our list to must do!

You can find the full list of activities available, many in the countryside around our B and B on


Parque Los Villares


This Periurban Park (A natural space located in the vicinity of an urban nucleus) is the first protected natural space of this type to be created in Andalusia.

It is situated a short drive from the house but there is also a walkway direct from the house that can take you round the outskirts of the Parque.  Perfect for a long leisurely walk or for cycling enthusiasts.  This is a well used cycle route for local cyclists. https://youtu.be/94W1FPlrzb8  Note to remember is that walkers also use these routes with their dogs, so care needed.

The Parque itself offers nature trails, a visitors site to find out about the species of wildlife to be found in the area, a play park, sports area and bar/restaurant.  There are special activity days and nights held here to encourage involvement the wonders of nature.

You can find more information on www.turismodecordoba.org

Lago Embalse de la Encantada


Less than 10 minutes drive from the house you will find this stunningly beautiful lake in the village of Las Jaras.  There is a walkway that can take you round the lake for beautiful scenes such as that above.  Many people use the lake to successfully fish in but an official permit is necessary to take part. In the entrance to the village is a great bar/restaurant Casa Pepe.  Here you will find a great array of choice of food, but for the local experience I recommend the game.  Deer (venado) and wild boar (jabali) are often used in the local restaurants to make delicious hearty stews or steaks, skewers and burgers. 

Las Ermitas


The first time I visited this tucked away, yet obvious once you look, site was by accident as driving over the countryside towards the Medina Azahara.  I was very pleasantly surprised with my find as this historic, but still in use, little church is set in beautiful gardens with a stunning view over Cordoba city.  The figure of Christ watches over the city like that in Rio de Janeiro.  

Medina Azahara


This hugely important historical site once held the most important scholars and philosophers of Andalucia.  It was a Moorish medieval palace/city built by Abd-ar-Rahman 111 (between 936 - 940) and was the largest known city built from scratch in Western Europe.  The name Madinat az-Zahra means "the shining city".  With a mere 10 percent of the 112 hectares of city having been restored at present, it is not surprising it was a shining example of wealth and inspiration.

The site has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

In the Summer months you can visit the site in the evenings as well as daytime.  I would advise to go early in the day or late during the hottest months of the year to make the best of all you will want to see on your visit.

Even more



A great many Cordobes cycling enthusiasts enjoy cycling up the two roads from Cordoba which lead

up to our neighbourhood.  From here most head off onto the many walking/cycling tracks that lead them through the beautiful landscape shown above.  It is possible to cycle on these tracks with, care for other users,  directly from our house without using a main road.

To head out from the house you firstly pass a beautiful ruined finca named Finca la Conejera.  This is worth a wander round the outer walls, and through the olive grove, to get a feel of a life gone by.  The local shepherd has rights to walk his herd of sheep and goats through here, so you may have the pleasure of hearing the tinkle of their bells as you continue along this pathway.  At the end of this pathway, you will find the distinctive darkened grove of alcornoque trees.  These are stripped to make use of their cork bark to a level that allows them to continue to thrive. 

From here you will find a few different directions to choose from.   Straight on takes you round to the Parque Villares,  to the left you can take a short circular route which returns on the road straight ahead or you can continue on to a small stream and beyond.   If you take a sharp right you can walk to the local shop/pub and Assuan Swimming pool in 30 minutes, therefore even faster by cycling.  Also in this direction you can take a turn off the main path to lead you to the restaurant El Rosal. 

There are also many local routes using the main roads, noted on various cycling websites such as www.bikemap.net

When you return from your adventures you will find a relaxing sofa or loungers on the balcony waiting for you.

Golf Course


Right next to the Parque Los Villares you will find this magnificent 18 par golf course (par 72).  You can find details on all facilities available and rates on the website www.golfcordoba.com.  

You could easily spend a day here playing golf, swimming, playing tennis and enjoying the social club/restaurant.  The club is set in an enviable situation with fantastic vistas of the countryside all around.  

Assuan Swimming Pool


Just 10 minutes drive from the house or 30 mins walk through the woods, from the house you will find the Piscinas Assuan.  These pools offer a great day out from the heat of the city during June, July and August, for many Cordobes families.  There is an adult pool and an infant pool as well as a small playpark, hammocks to rent, a restaurant and a BBQ area.  To find out more about rates and hours see www.piscinasassuan.com

Las 2 Columnas Swimming Pool


Just another 5 minutes drive and you will find another public swimming pool.  This hosts a much larger pool with swimming lanes as well as a small infant pool.  The pool is usually open during the Summer months, but the attached bar/restaurant is open all year round.  Here you can sit in a lovely patio or in the indoor dining room and enjoy a delicious meal at really reasonable prices.  Menu del Dia is a real bargain and highly recommended. 

Check out www.2columnas.com for all details.  

Local Restaurants


Luckily, as we are real foodies, there is a wealth of restaurants really nearby as previously mentioned.  We have frequented all and can truly recommend each one. 

The nearest one is El Rosal, where you can enjoy well prepared and imaginative food in a lovely patio or in the indoor taberna.  Weekends are usually the busiest and on Sunday mornings they serve great churros (see the picture above taken just before all disappeared)

As mentioned before the restaurant and bar at 2 Columnas is also a local firm favourite.

In the other direction towards Las Jaras lies the aforementioned Casa Pepe.  Sitting in the large patio you have a great view of the local countryside as well as clear view of your children while they play in their well equipt playpark.  

Further out this road and continuing on Carratera Villiviciosa, 15 - 20 minutes from the house, you will come upon the idylic setting by the riverside for Restaurante Los Arenales.  It is well worth winding your way through the rugged, pine clad landscape to find this oasis just over the bridge at Arenales.  The patio is large and has a covered area too as well as a large restaurant inside.  The meals here are great value and I suggest you either bring a good appetite or share a dish.  Like many of the other local restaurants, they serve great dishes made with locally sourced game as well as traditional Andalucian dishes.

Cordoba City


What can one say that sums up this city?  For many years it has been the secret tucked away sister of Granada and the little cousin of the much larger Malaga and Seville.  However, in recent years, the vast importance of Cordoba in the historic story of Andalucia has been coming more to the forefront.  Nowadays a brief day visit is simply proving not enough to visit all the notable sites of interest.  some which have been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Founded around 152 B.C. as a Roman colony, then in 554 A.D. Byzantines were in power.  A great shift took place in 719 A.D. when the capital of 

al-Andalus relocated to Cordoba from Seville and in 785 A.D. the Great Mosque of Cordoba  was built.  In 929 A.D. Abd-ar-Rahman III became the Caliph of Cordoba and in 936 A.D. the Madinat Al-Zahra was build to home his family and much of the gentry and important people of the time in Andalucia. 

In 1009 great change again ensued with the start of a Civil war.  By 1236 the Mosque was converted into the Cathedral of Cordoba.

Around 1315 there was also a large important Jewish community in Cordoba therefore a Synagogue was founded.

All of these epochs are hugely important and still very visible in and around the city and it's surroundings.  The Juderia area of the old city is marked with little gold coloured plaques and you can almost feel the passage of time as you walk around the winding streets.  The Mosque and the Cathedral now are celebrated equally in the form of the fabulous Mesquita.  Many relics from Roman times are still scattered throughout the city as more and more excavations take place.  The Roman Bridge and the Roman Temple being the most visited.  You can find a great wealth of artifacts spanning all eras at the Museo Arqueologico de Cordoba.  

Besides this you also have the Castle with it's beautiful gardens to visit, the amazing Andalucian horse show in the grounds of the Castle. It is worth taking time to see the beautiful patios and exhibitions (sometimes evening concerts) of the Palacio de Viana.  Another must see is the home and now gallery of Julio Romero de Torres to view wonderfully evocative images of people of the time.  Across from here you will also find the museum of flamenco nestled in a charming little patio.

These are just a few sites to see in this glorious city, you really need to discover many more plus the great festivals held here for yourself. 


A bit further out

Almodovar Castle


Castillo Almodovar del Rio is situated approximately 50 minutes from our house.  You can take the scenic route cross country to Medina Azahara and continue out the main road to the village.  You can see the impressive castle from miles away, sitting on top of a hill over looking and protecting the village below.  This spot has proved a perfect setting to film some episodes of Game of Thrones.   It depicts house Tyrell's home Highgarden and also parts of Casterly Rock of House Lannister. 

 Previously a Roman fort, the current structure is of Moorish origin, in the year 760. During the Middle Ages, it underwent several renovations and reconstructions. Between 1901 and 1936, it was restored by the owner Raphael Desmaissiers, 12th Count of Torravala,  The most important towers are the Cuadrada, the Redonda, and the Homenaje. 

The castle now hosts many activities from weddings to reenactment days.  For details and more information on the castle see www.castillodealmodovar.com.



Cordoba city hosts many talented artists and you will find a great array of their hand made products in the city shops and workshops.  If however you really want to indulge in Ceramics you can easily take a trip to the village of La Rambla.  The ceramics of La Rambla are one of the village's main attractions, boasting over 100 workshops.  Even in prehistoric times, residents used mud to make glasses and bowls, some of which are now on display in the local Museum.  To find this Artisana village you take the main road to Malaga before following road signs to the village, it is about 50 minutes drive from the house and worth the trip.  Make a day of it, visit some potteries in the morning, go and take lunch when they close for siesta, then take in some more in the late afternoon.  Not forgetting to visit the museum to get a feel for the importance of ceramics in this area. 

Wines of the Region


Not far from La Rambla and about 55minutes drive from the house you will find the town of Montilla.  All around this area are producers of great wines and spirts, not least of all from the Bodegas Cruz Conde.  You can visit this winery, founded in 1902, and take one of their tasting and history of the industry tours.  They recommend booking in advance.  For details of this, how to get there and more visit www.http://bodegascruzconde.es

If you want to be more adventurous and travel a bit further, there is a Montilla-Moriles wine route to follow as shown in the map above.  Again more information about this route can be found on the website above or through www.montillamoriles.es

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