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Let Cordoba Inspire Your Creativity

As a practicing artist I always used my trips to Andalucia to take time out and re engage with my creative processes.  This region of Spain is so rich in artisan culture and ancient artwork that is only natural to want to emulate some of it.  Your stay here at Getaway and Create will allow you the time, space and perfect setting to do just this with a well experienced tutor.  Just 20 minutes drive from the heart of the fantastic city of Cordoba and it's glorious sites, you will find our house in the Sierras.  Our patios and balcony offer the most fantastic views over the mountains looking towards Portugal.  Here you have the ideal setting to relax, to process all you have experienced on the sightseeing days into your own unique art.  You will leave Cordoba with tangible, lasting reminders of your trip and new skills to explore further at home.  

Each Craft Day at the house will be preceded by a day of inspirational sightseeing, which will be directly pertinent to the next day's activity.  

Provided in your booking price is :-

Complimentary transport from the city to the house and trips 

Accomodation for 8 nights

8 continental breakfasts

8 evening meals with wine or beer or soft drinks

4 lunches (lunches on day trips are not included)

3 craft workshops outlined below


Full Itinerary for your 8 day stay


Friday Day 1 – Collect from town late morning/early afternoon. Settling in to the area - Walk at Lake and paid Lunch by the lakeside. Afternoon relaxing by the pool, patios or exploring the immediate area, choice is yours.

Saturday Day 2 - Day trip south of Cordoba

Visit Montilla, Robles Winery 

Visit ceramic factories in La Rambla 

Lunch in La Rambla and visit the town.

Sunday Day 3 – Walk through the woods (or if preferred in the car) for Breakfast Churros at El Rosal one of our local restaurants. Tile Printing class and lunch at the house.  Later you can relax at the house or explore the area

Monday Day 4 - Tour of Cordoba with paid entry to the Calahorra Tower, Castle Gardens and Mezquita – Day long tour and photo opportunities for next day project.

Tuesday Day 5 - Prepare photos and work on your painting/picture making project. Lunch at the house and your choice afterwards to relax at the house, continue your art or explore the area.

Wednesday Day 6 - Visit Parque joyero de Cordoba (jewellery making factories and independants) 

Thursday Day 7 - Jewellery making day.  Lunch at the house and time to relax, work on more jewellery or explore the area.  

Friday Day 8 – Market visit (Setas) and Night time paid entry trip to Medina Azahara 

Saturday – Breakfast and departure.  

If you are coming from outside Spain and arriving by air, I would highly recommend that you take a couple of days either side of your trip to stay in the city of your arrival.  Seville and Malaga are both a short train ride from Cordoba, both around an hour.  Both are great cities to visit and it will make your holiday a well rounded experience.  

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Ceramic Tile Printing Workshop



If you have ever visited Spain before you will have no doubt seen a multitude of beautiful tiles adoring houses, cafes and hotels.  Here in Cordoba you will find much of these have an Arabic influence of pattern and are often in the lush colours of Spain.  Using some of this type of printed patterns for influence, or using your own designs, you will learn how to make a simple printing block.  As many tiles use a repeat pattern to join them together you will also be learning a little about this process.  This one block will allow you, using special ceramic paints, to print your pattern onto a tile surface over and over so you will end up with a set of four finished pieces.  

Picture Making Workshop


 This is a great technique to make use of all those fantastic photos you take on your holidays or just ones of your dogs (I have thousands). You do not need to be a skilled painter to turn these photos into unique canvasses or block pictures. We will start by selecting a photo that you want to use as your finished work of art and discuss any cropping needed to provide a great composition, taking into account some golden rules to make an image pleasing to the eye. You image will then be transferred onto a surface of your choice and will be worked on using a variety of mediums to create your original work of art. We will be using photos taken on your first few days as a base to work from so remember to get snapping anything that inspires you.  

Jewellery Making Workshop



During this craft day you will first learn how to use simple jewellers’ pliers that every jeweller has in their tool kit. With these you will learn to form wire and start the day by making a simple pair of bead earrings. As you are in Andalucia and as recycling is becoming more and more important in our lives, we will be working with recycled aluminium next. You will learn to emboss the metal in the fashion that you will see in many Moorish items sold in the region and these surfaces will be used as the central parts of your larger jewellery project. To mount these you can choose from encasing them in polymer clay or adding them to already formed pieces of wood or beads. You will then use the original wire forming skill you learned to turn these central sections into finished, unique jewellery pieces.  


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